Bobby Long – A Winter’s Tale (Preview)

I’ve been a Bobby Long fan for sometime. I remember when he first started out and urged fans to buy his ep because he wanted to eat something other than Subway sandwiches. Fast-forward nearly three years he’s releasing his first CD/Vinyl with ATO Records (to be released on 2/1/11).

ATO Records have been kind enough to send out snippet videos to get the Bobby Long fans in a tizzy….ok I’m in a tizzy. On February 3rd before his return to the Troubadour he will make his first appearance on the Jay Leno show!

As a fan, I have to say I’m happy and proud the world is going to finally see he’s more than a Twilight soundtrack contributor.

Bobby Long – Isis Take Me Home

One of my favorite singer, Bobby Long recently played in Cleveland while on tour supporting Michael Franti and Spearhead and wish he was coming back to Los Angeles!! OMG this video is awesome!!
Thank you Sara from YouTube!

Bobby Long: Official Promo for Debut Album ‘A Winter Tale’ Coming 2/1/2011

I’ve been a fan of Bobby Long since Spring 2009. I’ve been to almost every show in Los Angeles and even flew out to Dallas to hear him play. He recently signed with ATO Records and his cd should debut Feb. 2011.

I think he’s one of the most talented song writers out there. I hope and pray we see him not only as a performer but as a songwriters for other musicians. He’s just completely raw and his words inspire me.

If you don’t know who Bobby Long is I advice you to check out the video above.