Marcus Foster Night Two @ Hotel Cafe

Night Two with Marcus Foster was….awesome!

Even though his comments about America irked me (still! SIDEBAR: the comments were made during Nameless Path promotion and he has since apologized they just left a sour taste in my mouth & see things a little differently. Still a great musician) I have to say he’s fucking talented and I can’t stay away! *grin* And I will go on record (AGAIN) and say I dont like the song ‘I Was Broken’ or I am Broken….either way hate it! Thank goodness there are so many other songs I enjoy!

When I first heard the ‘new’ version of Marcus Foster’s ‘The Room’ I was not happy. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but too….too…perky for such a haunting song. But I have to say it was my favorite song of the night, yeah it was still lively but not so much you didn’t losing the meaning of the lyrics.

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Night One with Marcus Foster @ Hotel Cafe

Even after seeing Marcus Foster at #SxSW I was still excited to see him play in Los Angeles. Fans eagerly awaited Marcus to take the stage and when he did the room basically erupted.

Marcus played some old songs and a few new from his ‘In This Town’ EP but part of the show was during ‘Solid Ground’ Marcus realized he was playing in the wrong key. He and keyboadrist, Jack Standen, went into a fit of giggles and Marcus could barely recover but he was able to finish the song.

And I shall return to The Hotel Cafe for night two with Marcus Foster! 🙂

SxSW: Marcus Foster – Warn Down by Time (Video)

Another song from the Communion Showcase…..Enjoy!!
Are you tired of me yet?

Marcus Foster 1st SXSW performance….

I’m finally back at the hotel and somewhat soberish.

But even through my beer haze I know one thing…..Marcus Foster fucking rocked Maggie Mae’s tonight. While on stage he even acknowledged he hasn’t been back in two and half years (yep that’s too damn long in my book!) and was excited to play for the South by Southwest crowd.

He played for nearly a hour….(((sigh)))

When I first heard Foster was on the SXSW schedule….I kinda rolled my eyes because last year he cancelled after it was announced and I booked my flight. But this year he did not dissappoint me (whew!). And Marcus even mentioned a new EP he will be selling during his US tour with Sam Bradley (can’t wait for the San Diego show since Sam isnt playing The Hotel Cafe ::sad face::).

FYI Marcus Foster fans…

If you saw Marcus Foster perform 2.5 years ago in America….well he’s fucking better than the last time. Hold on it’s going to be a musical orgasmic ride! Damn you Marcus for being so talented. I can’t quit you!!

Marcus Foster returns to the US!!

Fuck Marcus is back! Ive waited 2.5 years for his return! His relationship with American fans is similar to a chaotic relationship with a guy I love but don’t want to love but need. Damn you Marcus and your talent!!


SXSW Update: Communion Showcase Announced

This morning Communion annouced via Twitter and Facebook their line of for their SXSW showcases. Of course I knew Marcus Foster and Matt Corby would be performing but to have the actual dates me a little giddy.
Also on the list is Michael Kianuka….haven’t heard his music but if I believe my friend Jo, he will be included in my musical crushes! I’m also curious about Daughter and Bear’s Den.

We shall see!!

Damn….I still have another month…..March WHERE ARE YOU?!