Matt Corby inks a deal

So excited to hear one if my favorite singers, Matt Corby has signed a deal!
According to

Breakout Sydney singer/songwriter Matt Corby is “signing” international record deals, Your Daily SPA can reveal. A joint venture with Atlantic and Elektra Records will cover the UK and US markets respectively.

Once he’s done with his Australian tour he will head back to Los Angeles to continue recording his CD! Also, his EP will be sold world wide this coming fall!

Someone pinch me!!!

Again congratulation Matt!!!


SxSW – Matt Corby @ St. David’s

Matt Corby just wrapped his only SXSW performance….Gawd it was perfection! A church setting was something i wouldn’t have thought of but really showcased his talent.

What surprised me most was how many people came out just to see Matt! Met a guy in line who found his YouTube videos a few months ago and was eager to watch him. When he left after Matt’s performance he said ‘It was life changing’….I know that feeling!

Sadly no video and I didn’t want this to be another Comic Con moment and get kicked out.

His 40 min set included fan favaorite ‘Brother’, ‘Souls AFire’ and piano version of ‘Made of Stone’.


SxSW Artist – Matt Corby today!!!

The one artist I’m EXCITED for is (as usual) Matt Corby….yeah cause he’s fucking awesome!  He’s playing his only SXSW show tonight at St. David’s Sanctary @ 7:45 pm.
I finally got around to posting some another video from the Secret Garden Party… accoustic version of Souls A’Fire…..LOVE THIS SONG!!

Stay tuned for more updates…..which I will try to be sober for… promises! 🙂

SxSW Artist: Matt Corby – Winter/My False (Video)

Tomorrow I start my SXSW adventure….so I’m playing some of my favorite videos from the Artist I hope to see while in Texas. And since I’m planning to see Matt Corby for the Communion Music Showcase so I felt this was appropriate.

And if you’re still on the fence about Corby….check out this video…..just amazing!


Matt Corby’s first L.A. Appearance…..

Well March Music Madness has begun….first Wires In the Walls and Kevin Earnest played over the weekend but tonight….MATT CORBY performed at Hotel Cafe!


I knew he was talented from my drunken memories last year but Lord he was amazing tonight! My friends have heard me rave about Matt, almost at much I love Wires (and that’s ALOTTA LOVE!) but I made them BELIEVERS!! Not only my friends but to a packed house at the HC (Hotel Cafe) I never heard so many people cheer and chant….hell they even asked for an encore & the folks at Hotel Cafe allowed him to sing one more. UNHEARD OF!!

Seriously Matt is such a wonderful talent and recordings don’t do him justice. If he’s in your town go see him!

The only downside to the evening was my SXSW partner in crime Meg couldn’t make it due to illness.

I can’t wait to see Matt at SxSW this year!!

Please stay tuned for South by Southwest updates!

Matt Corby @ Hotel Cafe – Lonely Boy (cover)

I orginally saw Matt Corby cover The Black Key’s Lonely Boy on the Triple J site but there is nothing like actually hear him sing it live! The sudience at Hotel Cafe were in for a treat and let me tell you men and women were going wild!

Another OMG moment!!!

SXSW Update: Communion Showcase Announced

This morning Communion annouced via Twitter and Facebook their line of for their SXSW showcases. Of course I knew Marcus Foster and Matt Corby would be performing but to have the actual dates me a little giddy.
Also on the list is Michael Kianuka….haven’t heard his music but if I believe my friend Jo, he will be included in my musical crushes! I’m also curious about Daughter and Bear’s Den.

We shall see!!

Damn….I still have another month…..March WHERE ARE YOU?!