Black Crystal Wolf Kids @ Molly Malone’s

So it’s my birthday weekend and I think the perfect way to end the weekend is with a Sunday night show with Black Crystal Wolf Kids, Wires in the Walls, & Former/Future. Now, if you haven’t seen Black Crystal Wolf Kids in concert you’re missing the best Indie cover band known to man and I want to state I HATE COVER BANDS but adore BCWK!! And why deny yourself some Wires In the Walls and Former/Future!

All this greatness for $8! Can’t even get 3 gallons of gas for that amazing price! Yah, I know its a Sunday night but come down have a beer and listen to some great bands!

Come on out and celebrate with me!!!

I *heart* Wires In the Walls

Remember when Carrie from Sex and the City stood on a busy city block in front of a designer shoe store, staring lovingly at a pair of shoes, and in a breathy voice said the now infamous tagline “Hello Lover.”

Well, that’s how I feel about finding L.A. indie band Wires in the Walls…they’re like a new lover. At first it’s the lusty-crush phase where every song makes you smile. You don’t know what the hell they’re saying, but you know you like it. As you listen to those songs over and over, you edge into the honeymoon phase, taking in the lyrics and craving more.

Every time I see them play, my spidey sense tells me I’m seeing history in the making. When my Call Signs EP wasn’t enough I headed over to their MySpace page and found a few older songs listed. I went from lust to full fledged love.

Because I’m a tall girl I quickly adored Gasoline from Call Signs due to the very first line ‘You should wear your heels tonight, honey I don’t mind at all, if you are fifteen feet tall, crackin’ all those necks around you.’ But what sealed the deal for Gasoline being my favorite song is the chorus line ‘It’s exactly as it seems, you got a pocket full of matches, I got a heart of gasoline.’ That melts my heart!

The song that clinches my heart and allows my imagination to flow has to be Strange Weather Patterns from their self-titled EP. SWP is one of those beautiful and haunting songs that show range in the band’s songwriting. When they play this song live I literally have tingles down my back as the lead singer Warren Sroka breathes life into the words ‘I always think of you, whenever anything is at stake, and I always think of you as my finest mistake,’ And watching guitarist David Irelan’s fingers glide across the guitar, you suddenly become mesmerized. Before you know it you’re raising your beer up in the air as the music flows, making it the best song of the night.

It’s just pure energy…..and I like it.

That alone makes them the best damn band in LA.

Band Info.:
Twitter: @wiresinthewalls