Bobby Long – Wishbone

On Wednesday evening I attended the first of many listening parties for Bobby Long’s new CD Wishbone, in Hollywood.

If you’re familiar with Long’s music you will notice a slight depart from his usual bluesy-folk sound. ‘Wishbone’ has a more rock orientated sound, which allows the long time Bobby Long fan hear his growth as a musician and songwriter. And there is an edge where this CD will bring new fans.

I have to admit the song ‘To the Light’ is my absolute favorite song in the new CD – It’s a song I can see in movie trailers. The beauty of Wishbone is there are several songs that hit me like into the light. And as a wannabe writer I know this CD has inspired story line a in my head.

Wishbone will be released on 2.19.13 and suggest you buy it!

(I borrowed this video from Bobby Long Fans!)

Book: Losing My Brotherhood by Bobby Long

Just last week I wrote a blog about missing Bobby Long and now I feel like I’m being reconnected with him but on a deeper level. Late, last year Bobby announced he was writing a book…..a book a poetry. Now I personally thought his music was poetry in itself, so…..why write a book? But that’s just me.

But after reading the press release regarding the book, I gained a new respect for the artist.

The title stems from Long’s realization of what he left behind when he abruptly moved from London to New York to pursue his music career in 2010.  “I left my family and my friends, and I just went and didn’t really say good-bye to anyone,” he recalls.  “’Losing My Brotherhood’ refers to a specific group of three close friends who I lived with in London for four years and shared everything with, and who I don’t get a chance to see anymore. We were like brothers, but I know that time is now over.  It’s a tribute, really.”

If you regularly check Long’s site you would’ve found the excerpt he posted six months ago:

The Things I Did And Do

I dropped some cigarette ash on your neatly cut hair

I made your morning coffee slightly cold

I wept at films that you deemed too bold

and pretended I didn’t need subtitles.

These are the things I do to make you flinch

I played Bach at a higher speed on the record player

I pretended it was broken when you picked out Van Morrison

I sang harmonies to every line when you fixed it

and dragged my feet when you asked me to change sides.

This is what I do to annoy you

I poured Starbucks into your independent coffee store cup

I lied about my mother’s age and said I was adopted

I read you Pablo Neruda when you picked out Frost

and changed the words around and made them all about summer.

This is what I do to confuse you

I never let you help me with the morning crossword

I went on walks for hours and didn’t call

I drank myself into such rich stupors I couldn’t stand

and lied about the trivial shit.

This is what I do because I am a bastard

I watch you sleep and block the morning light out of your eyes

I cook your favorite meal three nights a week

even though I’m allergic

I listen to your friends talk about their friends

I stopped going to the bar.

Just because


I’m not usually a poetry girl, unless its my own emo crap, but now I can’t wait to read Long’s new book! And his follow-up to A Winter Tale is due this Fall. I shall bask in the world of Bobby for a while.

I miss Bobby Long…..

On Tuesday morning I scrolled through my list of artists/bands and when I saw Bobby Long’s name I realized something…..I missed his voice.

Not that he’s completely disappeared, he’s actively on twitter posting random things, his tour with Steve Winwood and even said his new cd was being mastered. I went through my entire Bobby collection starting with his VERY first CD (pre ATO), first CD with ATO – A Winter’s Tale, some live tracks from Daytrotter and finally last EP ‘Backing Singer’.

Then I remembered he tweeted a few new songs from his upcoming cd!!!!

Listen: Bobby Long – Something’s Gonna Get You

After listening to that track I realized I NEED some Bobby!! I need another crazy day at Leno, then a show afterwards. I miss gathering with friends and watch the man and his guitar take the stage.

I know he’ll be back to LA soon and I can’t wait!

I know I can’t be the only one that misses him……right?


Twitter: @BobbyLongNews

Exclusive Bobby Long Interview

On the Bobby Long site a new interview was posted and Bobby answers a few random questions. I love how Bobby was just very candid in this interview.

Bobby Long: Darlin’ I remember the drink


Bobby Long wrote me a song….ok he didn’t but he finished a song called ‘Darlin’ I remember the drink’ he posted on YouTube, his ‘Thank You’ for new Twitter followers. As much as I love him with the new band, there is something about when its just HIM and his guitar!

Bobby Long – A Winter’s Tale (Preview)

I’ve been a Bobby Long fan for sometime. I remember when he first started out and urged fans to buy his ep because he wanted to eat something other than Subway sandwiches. Fast-forward nearly three years he’s releasing his first CD/Vinyl with ATO Records (to be released on 2/1/11).

ATO Records have been kind enough to send out snippet videos to get the Bobby Long fans in a tizzy….ok I’m in a tizzy. On February 3rd before his return to the Troubadour he will make his first appearance on the Jay Leno show!

As a fan, I have to say I’m happy and proud the world is going to finally see he’s more than a Twilight soundtrack contributor.