Kevin Earnest @ The Hotel Cafe

On this special Friday the 13th, Kevin Earnest played the Hotel Cafe with a full band! Been following this guy for years and I can’t help but love him!


Video: Matthew Mayfield – Welcome To the Jungle (Cover)

Every singer/songwriter has a start. There was a moment or a song that called their name and filled them an unexplained passion. On Tuesday night Mayfield shared his love began with Guns N’ Roses. This is the first time I’ve ever heard this song covered on an acoustic guitar and I’m just blown away by the talent!

Video: Matthew Mayfield – Better (Live @ Hotel Cafe)

Have I mentioned I simply adore Matthew Mayfield?

Last week we caught his show at Hotel Café and as usual it was amazeballs! His songs have that ability to tear into your soul when you least expect it. If you haven’t seen Matthew Mayfield then you’re seriously missing out.

Night One with Marcus Foster @ Hotel Cafe

Even after seeing Marcus Foster at #SxSW I was still excited to see him play in Los Angeles. Fans eagerly awaited Marcus to take the stage and when he did the room basically erupted.

Marcus played some old songs and a few new from his ‘In This Town’ EP but part of the show was during ‘Solid Ground’ Marcus realized he was playing in the wrong key. He and keyboadrist, Jack Standen, went into a fit of giggles and Marcus could barely recover but he was able to finish the song.

And I shall return to The Hotel Cafe for night two with Marcus Foster! 🙂

Marcus Foster 1st SXSW performance….

I’m finally back at the hotel and somewhat soberish.

But even through my beer haze I know one thing…..Marcus Foster fucking rocked Maggie Mae’s tonight. While on stage he even acknowledged he hasn’t been back in two and half years (yep that’s too damn long in my book!) and was excited to play for the South by Southwest crowd.

He played for nearly a hour….(((sigh)))

When I first heard Foster was on the SXSW schedule….I kinda rolled my eyes because last year he cancelled after it was announced and I booked my flight. But this year he did not dissappoint me (whew!). And Marcus even mentioned a new EP he will be selling during his US tour with Sam Bradley (can’t wait for the San Diego show since Sam isnt playing The Hotel Cafe ::sad face::).

Matt Corby’s first L.A. Appearance…..

Well March Music Madness has begun….first Wires In the Walls and Kevin Earnest played over the weekend but tonight….MATT CORBY performed at Hotel Cafe!


I knew he was talented from my drunken memories last year but Lord he was amazing tonight! My friends have heard me rave about Matt, almost at much I love Wires (and that’s ALOTTA LOVE!) but I made them BELIEVERS!! Not only my friends but to a packed house at the HC (Hotel Cafe) I never heard so many people cheer and chant….hell they even asked for an encore & the folks at Hotel Cafe allowed him to sing one more. UNHEARD OF!!

Seriously Matt is such a wonderful talent and recordings don’t do him justice. If he’s in your town go see him!

The only downside to the evening was my SXSW partner in crime Meg couldn’t make it due to illness.

I can’t wait to see Matt at SxSW this year!!

Please stay tuned for South by Southwest updates!

Matt Corby @ Hotel Cafe – Lonely Boy (cover)

I orginally saw Matt Corby cover The Black Key’s Lonely Boy on the Triple J site but there is nothing like actually hear him sing it live! The sudience at Hotel Cafe were in for a treat and let me tell you men and women were going wild!

Another OMG moment!!!