Song of the Day: The Filthy Souls – Cold Hearts

Artist: The Filthy Souls  (Members: Dave Green – Guitar / Vocals, Danny Wagstaff – Guitar, Mike Meza II – Bass, Topher Gale – Drums)

Song: Cold Hearts

In honor of The Filthy Souls kicking off their month long residency at the Hemingway Lounge, I chose one of my favorite songs from their latest EP.  Something about this song gets to me….there’s this raw rock sound combined with Dave Green’s voice creates something amazing that gets under your skin. I’m not ashamed to admit that Filthy have captured my musical heart and I don’t ever want to cleansed!

Come out to The Hemingway Lounge to see this amazing band live along  with Nightmare & The Cat and other special guests. Now this is how you kick off a residency!

The Filthy Souls November Residency!

SxSW Update: Fun. (the band)

I don’t usually watch commericals when I watch TV in fact i tend to tune them out but there was one partical song I found myself humming and before I knew it the song was being played on KROQ (LA radio station). I found out who the name of the band and song and added to my music collection.

Everytime I heard the song I became very curious about the other songs, after a quick listen on their Myspace (yes that place still exist) and knew I HAD to have this cd and have been playing it non-stop ever since. I haven’t been this giddy over a new cd since Wires In the Walls in November (ok I’m still giddy about Matt Corby but I still can’t get that EP just yet). But the reason I’m practically dancing in the streets?……Fun. will be at SxSW on March 14th!!

My list of MUST SEE’s is growing! I will me be a mental drunk mess… stay tuned for updates! Or drunken videos 😉

p.s. too tired to edit so beware!