Video: Wires in the Walls “In the Rain”

Leap, Timber, Leap

Leap, Timber, Leap

Wires In the Walls released their new video ‘In the Rain’. The cool part is the guys filmed, edited and added special effects all on their own. The pooled their talents together and created this cool video. 


Spend Friday Night with Wires In the Walls

Wires In the Walls

Tomorrow is Friday Night….what shall I do?…..hmm….I know go to the Satellite and see my boys Wires In the Walls!! That’s right the guys from Wires will be sharing the stage with the New York band, CHAPPO and fellow LA band Francisco the Man. Haven’t seen Wires In the Walls play since their residency back in February. It’s been LONG overdue! I need so hear some ‘In the Rain’….love that song!!

Remember WITW have a new EP that’s a MUST have called ‘LEAP, TIMBER, LEAP’. In all seriousness its a great EP – I felt as though they’ve grown as musicians and songwriters. And considering I already loved their stuff you could imgaine I was a happy mess when I listened to Leap, Timber, Leap.

Doors at 8:30pm
Wires in the Walls – 9pm
Francisco the Man – 10pm
CHAPPO – 11pm
Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door

More info here:

Wires In the Walls – Residency & EP Release

Last Monday, Wires In the Walls has kicked off a month long residency at the Silverlake Lounge in support of their new EP called ‘Leap, Timber, Leap’ which is available via iTunes and Bandcamp (see link below). And its an EP you should have in you music library! I’m not being bias when I say the guys from Wires are extremely talented – I’m saying it because its true.

One of the things I love about Wires In the Walls is there songwriting, something about their words just vibe with me. They always find a way to tell a story with honest worI love when a song can move me emotionally, make me think or even inspire.

WITW have always found a way move me in some way and this new EP doesn’t disappiont that feeling. With Warren Sroka emotional driven voice backed with the talents of David Irelan, Bryan King, David Sicher and bassist Denton Biety its hard turn off my ipod.

It’s okay if you missed last week’s show (2/4/13) show but if you can make time to come hear some great music!

Hindu Pirates
Okapi Sun (SD)
Young Empress

Michael Davis With Lions
George Glass
The Picture and the Frame
Escalator Hill

The Ross Sea Party
Tall Tales and the Silver Lining

Download Wires In the Walls EP, Leap, Timber, Leap  –