SxSW 2015: Matthew Mayfield

No doubt Matthew Mayfield is one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time. I can listen to him play and share funny little antidotes all day long. Yesterday I was able to catch his set at the Chuggin’ Monkey, despite the loud patrons he played an amazing set.

Check out the video of Mayfield performing ‘Wild Eyes’, which is also the title of his new album. And in case you’re wondering its an AMAZING album!

And if you get a chance, please check him out during his Wild Eyes Tour.

Video: Matthew Mayfield – Better (Live @ Hotel Cafe)

Have I mentioned I simply adore Matthew Mayfield?

Last week we caught his show at Hotel Café and as usual it was amazeballs! His songs have that ability to tear into your soul when you least expect it. If you haven’t seen Matthew Mayfield then you’re seriously missing out.

Video: Matthew Mayfield – Beautiful (Smoakstack Sessions – 2012)

Matthew Mayfield just released a video called ‘Beautiful’ and I swear my eyes became teary. As Amazing Radio’s DJ Shell Zenner would say, ‘It’s a gorgeous track’ and my god those words are so true. It’s such a souful and (lack of a better term) beautiful…….GORGEOUS song!

Mayfield always has the ability to sing a song as though its lovers caress. But when you least expected it he’ll sing certain words with grit and passion it’ll haunt you until your body & mind is consumed by it.

Matthew it grabbed me!

Check out Matthew Mayfield’s Facebook Page!

Twitter: @MatthewMayfield

Want his CD? ‘A Banquet For Ghosts’ FREE album download:

New Video from Matthew Mayfield – Fire Escape

I had a chance to see Matthew Mayfield over the summer at the Hotel Cafe for an accoustic set and instantly became a fan! His new video ‘Fire Escape’ from his new cd ‘New you’re free’ featuring actress Brittany Snow.