Song Of The Day: Tic Tic Boom! – The Sun Will Set

Artist: Tic Tic Boom!

Song: The Sun Will Set

Its no secret The Sun Will Set happens to be my favorite Tic Tic Boom song. It’s just a feel good song that reminds me of California summers and just being carefree. Whenever I hear it I feel the need to turn up loud and just sing. This song alone always reminds me why I believe Tic Tic Boom is one of the best bands in LA!

Very happy TTB will celebrate the official release of their new EP ‘It’s the Heart That’s a Fool’ at the Silverlake Lounge. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this awesome duo then tonight should be the night!

Wires In the Walls – Residency & EP Release

Last Monday, Wires In the Walls has kicked off a month long residency at the Silverlake Lounge in support of their new EP called ‘Leap, Timber, Leap’ which is available via iTunes and Bandcamp (see link below). And its an EP you should have in you music library! I’m not being bias when I say the guys from Wires are extremely talented – I’m saying it because its true.

One of the things I love about Wires In the Walls is there songwriting, something about their words just vibe with me. They always find a way to tell a story with honest worI love when a song can move me emotionally, make me think or even inspire.

WITW have always found a way move me in some way and this new EP doesn’t disappiont that feeling. With Warren Sroka emotional driven voice backed with the talents of David Irelan, Bryan King, David Sicher and bassist Denton Biety its hard turn off my ipod.

It’s okay if you missed last week’s show (2/4/13) show but if you can make time to come hear some great music!

Hindu Pirates
Okapi Sun (SD)
Young Empress

Michael Davis With Lions
George Glass
The Picture and the Frame
Escalator Hill

The Ross Sea Party
Tall Tales and the Silver Lining

Download Wires In the Walls EP, Leap, Timber, Leap  –

Owls Single Release Show For “Hairpins”

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Owls at Silverlake Lounge to celebrate the release of their new single “Hairpins”.  I’ve been going to see this band for a few months now, and they’ve really crept their way into my heart.  So much so, that they’ve inspired me to pop my blogging cherry.  Definitely not an amateur band, they deserve to be noticed.  Each time I see them I pick up on a different layer to their sound, and have grown to appreciate what each member brings to the table.  I highly suggest you put them on your radar:

Check out their performance of “Hairpins”:


Wires In the Walls restarts my heart!

I haven’t slept in days due to Breton show on Tuesday and a Pitch Perfect movie screening last night but I’m giddy with excitement because tonight Wires in the Walls play their first show in……MONTHS!!! If you’re in the LA area you have to stop by the Silverlake Lounge and check the guys play amazing music and give a warm welcome to their new bass player.
But it seems as though the guys from Wires have been leaving all types of treats for their fans…..yes….a new video released last week!! They finally did a video for ‘Tremolo’, one of my favorite songs off the ‘New Symmentry’ cd.
Info for tonight’s show!
Come down, let’s have drinks!
2906 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026