SxSW 2015: Until The Ribbon Breaks 

The first show of my SxSw 2015 adventures began with the band Until The Ribbon Breaks. It was a band my co-SxSWconspirator highly recommended and I’m so happy she did. Their music reminds me of Maroon 5, the Songs About Jane era with a mix of 1988 Bobby Brown and Teddy Riley with an updated sound – its a great mix.

Whether you want to or not you will be dancing and wishing the party would not stop. Looking around I knew it was not the free vodka that had the crowd going it was electrifying performance from UTRB.

Check out video of Until The Ribbon Breaks performing their song ‘Perspective’ at the Holy Mountain showcase.

Review: Queen Caveat – Manufactured Happiness EP

Lauren Little, Ben Epand, Will Weissman and Jesse Magnuson = Queen Caveat

Queen Caveat, one of LA’s favorite indie rock band, recently released their new EP, Manufactured Happiness and I have been in musical heaven ever since.

When I first listened to Manufactured Happiness the song that hit me the hardest was Brave Boy. Lauren Little’s voice is absolutely perfect and the emotional range she exudes both pain and strength and when she sings…”I’m not afraid of being called crazy anymore…” I swear I lose my mind…..but in a good way. 


But after listening to this EP several times, I simply cannot choose my favorite song because each song is genuinely great. Almost as if this was a small glimpse into Queen Caveat’s soul as a band. From the moment the first track, Marion which jump starts a heart thumping ride from beginning to end.

Manufactured Happiness leaves me with the same feeling I have when I see Queen Caveat live – excited, exhilarated & fucking happy. If you’re headed to South by Southwest this year make sure to schedule some time to see Queen Caveat!


Track Listing:
1) Marion
2) Breathe
3) Mr. California (Album Remix)
4) Spine
5) Brave Boy
6) Everyone We Know

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Matt Corby’s first L.A. Appearance…..

Well March Music Madness has begun….first Wires In the Walls and Kevin Earnest played over the weekend but tonight….MATT CORBY performed at Hotel Cafe!


I knew he was talented from my drunken memories last year but Lord he was amazing tonight! My friends have heard me rave about Matt, almost at much I love Wires (and that’s ALOTTA LOVE!) but I made them BELIEVERS!! Not only my friends but to a packed house at the HC (Hotel Cafe) I never heard so many people cheer and chant….hell they even asked for an encore & the folks at Hotel Cafe allowed him to sing one more. UNHEARD OF!!

Seriously Matt is such a wonderful talent and recordings don’t do him justice. If he’s in your town go see him!

The only downside to the evening was my SXSW partner in crime Meg couldn’t make it due to illness.

I can’t wait to see Matt at SxSW this year!!

Please stay tuned for South by Southwest updates!

SxSW Update: Fiona Apple…..Wha?

Over the weekend it was annouced that Fiona Apple will play the Pitchfork showcase:

Fiona Apple will emerge from a six-plus year hibernation at this year’s South By Southwest. The reclusive singer will perform at the official Pitchfork showcase on the second day of the music festival and conference, held in Austin from March 13 to 18. (Hollywood Reporter)

So SXSW attendees remember they’re only giving out 400 tickets for this showcase so if you’re able to score a ticket….HAVE FUN!! I’ve never see Apple live but I’m sure she’s awesome! Now I need to dust off my single cd of Criminal……still a great song!!!